Last night of vacation

I’ve been on vacation for a week and this is the last night. I’ve also been working on a text editor for most of the nights during said vacation. You may have seen some images or code from it in my previous posts.

It was mostly a “let’s see how much I can learn about Visual C# text boxes in a few nights of programming a text editor” kind of thing. The code is very unorganized and sloppy, but I did learn a lot and was able to share some of it with you guys!

I don’t plan on releasing it on the app store unless I go back and redo the whole thing to make it more organized and actually use some OOP.


How to save settings to an internal config in visual C# (.NET)

In this tutorial I teach you how to save settings to an internal config!

Saving settings to a config is really easy in C#, so let’s begin the tutorial!

1. Right-click on the project root in the Solution Explorer:


2. Select “Properties” from the list:


3.  You should see something similar to this:


4. Set the names, types, and default values to whatever you like. DO NOT change the scope to “Application” if you plan on being able to edit the settings from the code.

5. Getting and Setting the property:
    Getting:  [Variable Type] [Variable Name] = Properties.Settings.Default.[Name of Property];

    Setting:  Properties.Settings.Default.[Name of Property] = [String, Int, etc. (As long as it is the same type as the property)];


In this example, I am checking if the config property LastSaveDirectory is not empty. If it is not empty, set the SaveFileDialog‘s Initial Directory to the stored property.



How to loop through all Properties and display them in a MessageBox:


NOTE: I would recommend a String Builder if you plan on having a lot of properties.